Meeting Minutes, Topics, & Videos

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November 22: Final meeting of the Government Study Commission to close pout operations and appoint the transition committee.

November 2: Voting Day. The Charter was approved by the electorate

October 7 & October 20, 2021 The Commissioners gave more presentations at public meetings around the City

September 16, 2021 The Commissioners presented to the public at The Well in Beaver Falls

September 2, 2021 The Commissioners gave an educational presentation at a public meeting

August 16, 2021 The Commissioners gave an educational presentation at a public meeting

August 5, 2021 Video The Commissioners planned out their first public info meeting for 8/11/21

July 22, 2021 Video Saw our new website and finished the last sections of the Charter regarding how a City transitions from Third Class City Code to a Home Rule Charter.

July 8, 2021 Worked through sections of the charter on public participation, initiative, & referendum

June 17, 2021 Invited new City candidates to learn about Home Rule

June 10, 2021 Video Had intensive discussion on taxation and its limits

May 20, 2021 Video Learned about the options regarding taxes

May 6, 2021 Video Worked through Charter sections on finance and budget

April 15, 2021 Video Worked through Charter sections on personnel, police, and fire departments

April 1, 2021 Video Worked through charter sections on appointed positions like manager, clerk, and CFO

March 18, 2021 Video Worked through charter sections on qualifications of elected officials, and on ordinances and resolutions

March 4, 2021 Video Worked through charter sections on council composition, powers, and duties

February 18, 2021 Video Received a grant to hire consultant, reviewed a potential survey, and worked through charter sections on the makeup of city council

February 4, 2021 Video Reviewed options for city structure, learned about other cities' decisions and how they worked out over time, and voted to pursue a council-manager form

January 21, 2021 Video Reviewed what we've learned from interviews, research, and discussion, and formally voted to pursue Home Rule Charter, to write one, and recommend it to our residents

January 7, 2021 Video Interviewed Fire Chief and Code Enforcement Officer Mark Stowe and Police Chief Johnson

December 17, 2020 Video Interviewed Mayor Quay, Councilman Kunselman, and City Controller Ford

December 3, 2020 Video Interviewed City Manager Mick Jones, Clerk Paula Durish, and Community Development Professional Bethany Williams

November 5, 2020 Video Determined that the City needs help in the area of financials, structure, and Councillor roles, and that this Commission is the citizens' answer to when the City asked for help

October 15, 2020 Interviewed City Manager from Clairton, PA to hear about their experience with Home Rule

October 1, 2020 Video Heard a detailed financial overview of the City and review of the strategic plan given to the City from Deborah Grass

September 17, 2020 Finished hearing about the differences between Third Class City Code and Home Rule regarding contracts, city employees, appointees, and taxes

September 3, 2020 Video Asked big questions about finances of the city and if the city's prospects could be improved by changing its structure

August 20, 2020 Learned about the difference between Third Class City Code and Home Rule Charter from our DCED representative Michael Foreman and Deborah Grass of Grass Roots Solutions

August 6, 2020 Heard from City Clerk Paula Durish and DCED representative Michael Foreman about important topics for us to learn about as we go, and reviewed responses of a survey from government stakeholders

July 16, 2020 Established a timeline and to-do list for the Commission to carry out its work

July 2, 2020 Started on an overall plan based on the Home Rule guide set forth by the state of PA

June 17, 2020 Commissioners were sworn in, officers elected, and operational procedures set in place